Articles to help improve your computer security

Below you will find further information in the form of articles which will help to further bolster your computer security.

Anti-Spyware Security Articles

How to prevent spyware from infecting your computer.

The risks asscociated with rogue anti-spyware software.

The dangers of key logging software.

The security benefits of using the msconfig utility.

The Spybot Easter Egg.

Anti-Virus Security Articles

Information and prevention from viruses.

The new threat of mobile hacking.

Anti-Spam Security Articles

What is spam and how to prevent spam.

How to identfy hoax emails.

What to do with unwanted email attachments.

Anti-Phishing Security Articles

Can you spot a spammy website?

Phone phishing and what it means to you.

Windows Security Articles

The advantages of keeping Windows update turned on.

The security benefits of Windows user accounts.

Internet Explorer 7 security settings.

Using software explorer to identify and disable any unwanted start-up programs.

Secure browsing and other online security articles

Avoid the pitfalls of online banking.

The risks associated with online gaming.

The consequences and risks of poor online security.

Securing your Internet browsing habits.

Shopping online and what to look out for.

Create a personal webmail address.

Improving the secuirty of your wireless network.