How to grab that all important webmail address

Is spam filling up your inbox? Are you constantly having to spend time weeding out all those annoying emails? Finding it hard to get a great webmail address because it's already taken? Time for some creative thinking.

It's all in a name

Unless you have a really unusual name you will most likely find that when you try to get your name in a webmail address on services such as Yahoo!, Google or Hotmail you will discover that someone has already grabbed it. Or worse still, you have to chose a subtle combination with a number fixed to the end.

webmail graphic

Well, there is another way of getting that address, one that is so easy to remember, very easy to live with and looks equally well on your CVs, letter heads, business cards etc. You'll wonder why you never thought of it before. Most importantly of all, it's usually not taken. The next time you are trying to get 'that name' for your email address try placing 'mr', 'ms' or 'mrs' before it. So if you can't get try to see if the next best thing is available - you may be surprised.

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