The rising danger of keystroke loggers

There has been a massive growth in the increase of keystroke loggers in recent years.

As the name suggests keystroke logging software produces a log of your keystrokes, which can be sent back and deciphered by the originator. This information can be used by criminals to do anything from creating false credit cards to forging new identities.

Key stroke logging software can infiltrate your computer in several ways including:

virus graphic1. Coming into contact with malware websites

2. Hidden within email attachments

3. Triggered by clicking on links within emails

Some key logging software is also sophisticated enough to bypass anti-spyware and anti-virus software.

However, not all key logging software is malicious in its intent. Some key logging software may be installed by IT managers and services within your employment in an attempt to track inappropriate site access, or for other monitoring exercises.

Parents can also use key logging software in an attempt to see what their children are typing within message boards, chat rooms and email communications, in order to prevent any vulnerable information from getting into the wrong hands. Many people see this as an unnecessary evil in an attempt to protect their children, however often unscrupulous individuals will target the naivety of a child's web habits in order to successfully glean crucial information.

How to prevent key logging software?

Try to stay away from any dangerous or untrustworthy websites. Stick to sites you know, or have been recommended by trustworthy sources. Alternatively, use one of the anti-phishing tools to protect yourself against malware sites.

1. Do not open any email attachments unless you can be sure of the source.

2. Do not click on any links within emails you are not sure about.

3. Make sure Windows automatic updates are switched on.

4. Keep your anti-virus, anti-phishing and anti-spyware software up to date.

5. Make sure your firewall is switched on.

6. Do not click on pop-up adverts within websites which may lead to the download of key logging software.

Always read the terms and conditions of any software you download from the web to make sure you are not downloading any "extras" which are not part of the main program.

For Windows XP and Vista users most of the information on security software can be accessed within the control panel under security.